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Help your local Clerk establish absentee ballot tracking.


Michigan is dealing with an unprecedented amount of mail-in ballots.

In the last election, Michigan Clerks issued more than three times the number of absentee ballots for the primary election than they did in 2016. Without a concrete tracking system, this volume of mail-in votes will be incredibly difficult to manage. But there is something we voters can do to help—inform our Clerks about TrackMIBallot.

What is TrackMIBallot? 

TrackMIBallot is the only end-to-end election mail tracking system available today. It was designed to help Michigan Clerks run the safest, most transparent absent voter election in history. It allows election officials to track every piece of mail from the voter and back again with a real-time tracking. With this type of visibility, both you, the voter, and election officials will know when your ballot is on its way to you, when it has been delivered to your residence, and when it has returned to the Clerk’s office. You can be sure that your ballot won’t just go missing or disappear. 

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Want a more detailed explanation of how are tracking
system works? Watch this video! 

How does it work? 

TrackMIBallot is extremely easy to set up and requires only small changes to your ballot fulfillment process. We know because we’ve talked with and presented the system to clerks we know. 

  • We send you tracking stickers prior to the election based on your precinct and ballot numbers. 
  • You apply said stickers to your green return envelopes. 
  • We pick up your ballots, sort them, and send them at a non-profit rate. 
  • That's it. You now have tracking for both outgoing and returning ballots!  

Mail Tracking Voter Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you tracking my ballot?
Your Clerk has implemented TrackMIBallot to ensure that ballots are traveling safely and securely though the mail.

How is my ballot tracked?
We have applied a unique tracking barcode to your outgoing blue envelope and the incoming purple envelope. These barcodes are scanned by the USPS and reported back to your Clerk. Your Clerk has a TrackMIBallot portal where they can see when your ballot was delivered to you and follow it on its journey back to them.

Will the Postal Service see who I am voting for?
No. The mail tracking system only sees the outside of the envelope. Your ballot remains secret.

Can I see the tracking too? 
TrackMIBallot has the option to allow voters to see their tracking data. To receive a TrackMIBallot email for the NEXT election, please update your email address with the Secretary of State 

Is my personal information secure? 
Yes. The Postal Service and the tracking services involved all use state-of-the-art security protocols to ensure the security and privacy of all of your information. 

I received a tracking email. Now I have dropped my ballot off at the election office. Will I be able to track it?
No. This system just tracks ballots as they move through the Postal Service. We also confirm receipt of your ballot in the election office, which you can look up at 

If you are a Clerk and want to learn more about TrackMIBallot and KCI you can contact us HERE.

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How can you get TrackMIBallot for your Michigan municipality?

You can look up your clerk HERE and contact them directly, or you can show your support for absentee ballot tracking by filling out the form below.